Service user feedback following attendance of the Group Gateway Programme 

The Gateway Programme helped me realise it was not my fault, I can now move forward without feeling to blame for what went on.  Nov 18

“I would like this course to be provided before children are taken away from parents. If I had been offered the Gateway Programme 2 years ago, I would have known more information and maybe been able to make better decisions.” July 18 

Accredited Gateway Facilitator Training Feedback

“The Gateway Programme Facilitator Training has been the most relevant, informative and enjoyable programme around domestic abuse that I have had the pleasure to train in.”  Nov 2017

“I am looking forward to facilitating future groups. This is a fabulous programme, the growth  and learning of both facilitators and participants  is clearly evident and invaluable.” Jan 19

“The training has enabled me to focus on the skills and role of the facilitator including the strategies required to ensure effective facilitation, risk assessment and safety planning processes.” Nov 2017

“Very simply laid out, structured, easy to follow manuals and accreditation process.” July 2017

“I love everything about Gateway, great to see a programme that works.” July 2017

“The Gateway Facilitator Manual is absolutely brilliant and would be very straight forward to use with clients.” July 2017

“Great training, plenty of time for discussion, informative exercises and very relevant case studies.” May 2018

“Developed a good understanding of how to facilitate the One to One Gateway Programme.” Jan 2019

“Excellent toolkit to improve engagement with service users, each section is self explanatory.” May 2017

“Excellent training which refreshed my knowledge and reassured me of my delivery, provided new ideas & up to date information.” Jan 2018

“Really different way of doing training but worked really well.” Jan 2017

“The trainer’s knowledge and experience has been fantastic and has been what has got me through this accreditation process with relative ease.” Sept 2016

“Thoroughly good training. great trainer, excellent content.” Sept 2018

“Loved the mind model and will definitely  use this. Very  useful to meet other people who facilitate and share knowledge.” Jan 2019

“Excellent training which formalises learning and consolidates previous learning, great to meet other facilitators.”

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