About The Gateway Programme

The evidence-based Gateway Programme is built on the principles of respect and empowerment for those who are/have experienced domestic abuse. The content and structure builds awareness and understanding within a sensitive, safe, risk managed environment promoting informed future options and choices.

Gateway Objectives:

  • Create a safe space for mutual support

  • Promote an active understanding of the dynamics of controlling relationships.

  • Increase understanding of where the responsibility for abusive behaviour lies.

  • Reduce isolation, self-blame, denial and minimisation.

  • Use person centred active experiential methods, respecting the privacy of past/present personal circumstances.

  • Consider attitudes and beliefs that support abusive behaviour.

  • Improve safety planning strategies.

  • Increase understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on parenting skills and children’s lives.

  • Consider potential early warning signs in new relationships.

  • Identify support mechanisms through formal and informal provision.

The following training and accredited process is required for agencies and organisations to implement safe multi agency, risk managed Gateway Programme provision:

  • Those applying for Accredited Gateway Facilitator Training must have pre requisite knowledge/experience/training in domestic abuse.

  • Attendance of initial accredited Gateway Programme facilitator training events. 1 day for Group Gateway – 2 days for One to One Gateway Facilitator Training

  • Access to Gateway Programme Facilitator Manuals and current portal access to resources and session plans.

  • Submission of a completed, accredited Gateway Facilitator Portfolio including awareness of risk and safety review and management.

  • Evidence of co facilitation of one full Group Gateway Programme provision (Group Facilitator Accreditation only).