The Gateway Programme Promoting Recovery and Awareness

The Gateway Programme builds on the principle of respect and empowerment while raising awareness within an accredited, risk managed process to promote informed and safe choices for the future

Gateway Objectives:

  • Create a safe space for mutual support

  • Promote an active understanding of the dynamics of controlling relationships.

  • Increase understanding of where the responsibility for abusive behaviour lies.

  • Reduce isolation, self blame, denial and minimisation.

  • Raise awareness vis person centred active experiential methods, respecting the privacy of personal experiences.

  • Consider attitudes and beliefs that support abusive behaviour.

  • Improve safety planning strategies.

  • Increase understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on parenting skills and children’s lives.

  • Consider potential early warning signs in new relationships.

  • Identify support mechanisms through formal and informal provision.

The Gateway programme requires an ongoing  integrated multi agency risk management/assessment process throughout Gateway provision. 

Hosting agencies require the following support and training to enable safe, quality Gateway provision:

  • Accredited training to facilitate and evaluate the Gateway Programme.

  • Gateway Facilitator Manuals.

  • Accredited Facilitator Portfolio’s.

  • Lead Facilitation of the initial Gateway Programme provision.

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